Fees, Insurance Coverage, and Payment Policy

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  1. The center will verify your eligibility and coverage with your insurance company. If you do not have 100% coverage you will be required to make a payment on the day of your procedure. When the facility contacts you 2-5 days prior to your procedure we should be able to estimate the cost of your procedure. All payment arrangements must be made before your procedure.
  2. Any deductible or co-payment will be due on the day of the procedure.
  3. Our facility offers a discount for patients without health insurance. You may ask about our Uninsured Discount Program with the confirmation call. After your discount is applied, we will ask for payment of the balance at the time of service.
  4. Our billing department will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. However, the balance due is the patient's responsibility and must be paid in full within 60 days of your visit.
  5. To avoid delays in processing your account, please bring your State pictured I.D. or driver's license, your insurance cards or Medicaid identification cards, and copies of referrals.
  6. The Endoscopy Center has established its fees based on the type of procedure. These charges cover all expenses including the admitting, procedure and recovery room, all supplies, and medications.
  7. Your physician's and pathologist's fees will be billed separately. Please call your physician for an estimate of these fees prior to your procedure.
  8. We will be happy to accept personal checks, cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, or Care Credit as options for payment.

Because one purpose of the Endoscopy Center is to provide a cost-effective alternative to hospital care, you can expect our charges to be fair and reasonable.

Also, we recognize our obligation to remain flexible in financial matters. All financial arrangements must be made prior to admission and must be approved by the Administrator or Business Office Manager